Open solar

The Ariblue Open Solar Energy Cover

THE OPEN SOLAR ENERGY COVERS 1 and 2 are the solution when fitting a powered Slatted Cover without the added cost and need to run electric cables.


Full Description

The Open Solar Energy from ABRIBLUE meets the needs of those who wish to ensure the security of their pool without electrical cables.

5 hours per day of sun exposure is enough to ensure correct operation.

For further security, an audio signal warns of low battery charge whilst guaranteeing a last opening / closing cycle.
This automatic shutter powered by the sun's energy allows you to cover your pool without undertaking extensive installation labour. By means of its photovoltaic panel, this shutter operates in a totally independent manner.

Up to 40 cycles (for dimensions of 4 x 8m) can be completed in the case of total obscurity, while reserving 1 emergency opening and closing cycle. The OPEN Solar Energy features switchable mechanics and can at any time go to manual mode to secure your pool.

The upper casing is totally removable to facilitate installation, maintenance and cleaning.

Requires reduced space
Requires reduced installation space as the motor is contained in the rolling axis, retractable axis supports facilitate storage during the winterizing period.

Opening and closing can be effectuated by one person alone by means of the key command. A maximum of three minutes is sufficient (depending on your pool size) to roll or unroll your shutter.

- The locking of the system offers optimal security.
- The shutter conserves water temperature of your pool, lengthening your swimming season and limiting water evaporation.
- Reduces pool cleaning and maintains water cleanliness.
- The opacity of the slats reduces the phenomenon of photosynthesis and avoids the apparition of algae.

The OPEN SOLAR ENERGY COVER is powered by two batteries controlled electronically and fed by a high yield photovoltaic solar panel.

Up to a maximum size of 7.5m x 15m

THE OPEN SOLAR 2 - Ideal solution for renovation, immediate installation, your pool is safe without having to lay an electric power supply cable and all for a controlled investment.


- New design... A smaller harmoniously curved stand with a lower ground surface area and easy installation, even on narrow coping.

- Can perform up to 40 cycles (for a 4 x 8m model) in the event of total darkness, whilst leaving enough for a safety cycle. 8 hours of sunlight are enough to fully charge the batteries.

- Takes up little space on the pool deck.

- Perfectly adjustable...Height-adjustable legs prevent friction on pool edges.

- Equipped with travel stops.

- Maximum pool size 6m x 12m.


Axis supports

  Rigid, white lacquered aluminium supports with key command
Axis fixation Coach bolts and plugs + positioning screws to adjust horizontally
Axis Anodised aluminium, Ø150mm (available on option Ø200mm composite axis)
Electric motor 24 V tubular motor contained in the axis with adjustable limit management
Solar panel Composed of solar photovoltaic cells
Batteries 2x 12v
Electronic regulation card 1
Emergency system Axis can be unlocked by safety pin
Opening / closing 3 position key command
Floating cover Composed by slats
Security kit Strap
Conditions of use 4 season
Maximum dimensions 7,50m x 15m
Abrible solar 2

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