Certikin sealed beam lights

Certikin Sealed Beam Underwater Light

The Certikin sealed beam light is the light of choice for most in ground pool projects, and by investing in the correct lighting for your swimming pool, you can create a beautiful tranquil environment as well as increasing the time available to swim in your pool. 



Full Description


  • Slim light & niche
  • Light internals (guts) can be installed in older style light niches 
  • Corrosion resistant light plates made of brass/nickel 
  • Micallef style gland inside prevents water entering the conduit 
  • IP68 rated built-in gland on the light housing eliminating the need for hot melt compounds 
  • Easy bulb change
  • Easy installation
  • Clip-on faceplate 
  • Easily secured cover plates 
  • Vandal proof lens





Certikin Sealed beam underwater light

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