Spa & Hot Tub Cleaners

Why use a Spa & Hot Tub Cleaner
Pipe work can harbour body fats, oils and soaps which result in noxious odours and discoloured water.
This problem is particularly noticeable in those spas which retain water in the pipe-work. even when the spa has been emptied.
A good quality Spa & Hot Tub Cleaner should be used regularly to eliminate these problems. Regular use in both commercial Spas and Spa baths is also a necessity.
If used correctly Spa & Hot Tub cleaners will assist in the removal of Biofilm from the system and associated pipe-work. Dosing should be carried out on a regular basis, ideally as a minimum on a twelve week basis (as per Bishta guidelines) prior to dran down.
The Spa clean Tablet by Aquafinesse one of the products sold by Dolphin Leisure used to clean out undesirable elements harboured in the pipe-work was voted one of the top products in a survey carried out by The Hot Tub Retailer magazine.

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