Helo Heater for Commercial or Domestic Use

Sauna Heaters - Commercial Use

These Commercial Heaters are for use with remote control panels they can also be used for domestic purposes.

Full Description

Heaters for Commercial Use

These Sauna heaters are for use with remote control panels for commercial use but can also be used for domestic purposes if needed.

Add the stones and panel to the heaters.

Available from 6-15kW output these will suit sauna cabins of 5-24 cubic meters volume.

Commercial stoves are 3 phase only and above 8kW output differ from a domestic stove in needing an externally mounted control panel outside the cabin.

These stoves can be used domestically if the sauna bench layout prevents access to the heater controls, or if the the sauna size requires the higher output stove.

Note: When ordering, add a control panel to the selected heater and stones if required.

A lockable cover is available for safety.

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