2.5m Cottage on Legs

Cottage Summerhouse - Cedar Wood

The very original style and design of the Cedar Cottage harkens back to the nomadic tribes of northern Scandinavia….Pyramidically-shaped tents where whole families lived and cooked their meals. We have adapted this basic idea to the development of the Cedar Cottage. It is available either free-standing on level ground, alternatively raised on support legs.

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Cedar Cottage on Legs


One of the many unique designs incorporated into out Cedar Cottage is its ability to either be sited at ground level or alternatively elevated up. Not only does this negate the need for expensive groundworks on uneven ground, it provides the cottage with a very unique and cosy feel. Coupled with this the addition of a front vernadah, the Cedar Cottage becomes the perfect garden getaway!



Cedar Cottage


The Cedar Cottage is available in three sizes. 2.5m, 3.5m and 4.5m. With options of either a fully shingled or alternatively  "atrium " style cedar shingle roof, which allows in plenty of natural light, the choice of insulation package, the choice of attractive front verandah with thick barrier rope, choice of internal BBQ grill and vent, internal bench seating...the applcations for your Cedar Cottage are endless .

2.5m  CottageCedar Cottage 2.5m Dimensions3.5m  CottageCedar Cottage 3.5m Dimensions4.5m Cottage with AtriumCedar Cottage 4.5 DimensionsCedar Cottage 4.5m with legs and Atrium
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