Abriblue Veesio


The VEESIO COVER is a culmination of 20 years of know how. A submerged slatted cover with its motor at the water line.


Full Description

The VEESIO COVER is equipped with a tubular motor located above the roller shaft, under the duckboard walkway. This motor is declutchable and equipped with travel stops. Its design is such that the motor can be removed very easily.

The VEESIO COVER has a reinforced chain drive and is compatible with the IMM'AX installation. Adeflector kit should be provided for water levels between -8 and -12cm from the levelling course.

Pool sizes from 3 x 3m up to 7.5 x 15m



COMPLIANT - All Abriblue covers meet swimming pool safety standard NF P90-308. European leader Abriblue has designed and installed 60,000 pool covers.

FAST & EASY INSTALLATION - The exclusive design of the VEESIO submerged slatted cover with water-line motor makes it easy to install, and avoids any masonry work.

DISCREET & AESTHETIC - Hidden under its duckboards.

RELIABLE -Mechanical travel stops independent of the motor, located above the water line is water tight.

QUALITY DOWN TO THE VERY LAST DETAIL - Impeccable finish for the profiled slat wings. Ultrasound welded, plugs provide reliablility and quality.

ECONOMICAL SOLUTION - Less evaporation. Improved heat balance for longer more affordable pool use. Cleaner water.

NO STRESS - Closed/forgotten: once unrolled, safety is guaranteed.

CONNECTED - Can be connected in series, to your water treatment system for suitable regulation. Vital because it significantly increases the life of the cover and reduces the use of treatment products.

EASY MAINTENANCE - Because of its position, the motor is fully accessible which allows for easy servicing and dismantling.

EASY TO USE - With a remote key operated switch (wired or wireless).

COVER LOCK SAFETY ATTACHMENT - Easy to use with its ergonomic trigger system.

OPTIMAL - The wings equipped with brushes limit the transfer of impurities into the pool and reduce the clearance between the brushes and the pool wall.

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