Swimming Machine and Counter Current Units, Endless Pool Fastlane

An amazing range of powerful swimming machines and counter current units for an endless swimming experience.

Endless Pool Fastlane

Endless Pools Fastlane - Counter Current Unit

Widely recognised throughout the industry as the best counter current machine available. The Fast lane fits on almost any pool. Free form or rectangular; Gunite, Vinyl or Fibreglass; new construction or retro-fit .

Endless Pools Fastlane puts the 'swim' into most designs of swimming pools.

From £16.95 to £8,575.00

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Badu Counter Current Units - Over the Wall

Whether as an attractive wave and air bubble bath for a soothing underwater massage, or as a sporting endless no-lap swimming challenge, our BADU®Jet overhang counter stream swim units create exciting new experiences in your pool!


From £299.95 to £3,120.00

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Aqua jet 50 counter current swim jet

Aquajet 50 and 100 Counter Current Swim Jet Units

The Aquajet 50 and Aquajet 100 are good quality inexpensive Counter Current Swim Jet Units and they are a simple retro fit option. The Aquajet 50 model is suitable for beginners and medium ability swimmers. The Aquajet 100 is suitable for the stronger swimmers.

From £1,270.00 to £2,680.00

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X jet pump kit 1630


A concept in unique and powerful counter current swimming.

From £585.00 to £8,044.80

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Fluvo remote

Fluvo Counter Current Units - CG700 Remote Model

The Fluvo Rondo CG700 Remote Model Counter Current Unit is a great way to build up your physical fitness. With fully adjustable water flow and air flow, you can create strong jet streams to train against, or gentle bubbles for a relaxing massage.


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Fluvo 3

Fluvo Domestic Counter Current Units - C2 Compact

A concept in unique and powerful counter current swimming.

From £164.00 to £3,650.00

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Speck badujet wave

Speck Badujet Wave

The Built in Swimming pool wave current creator Badu Jet Wave is an ideal product for sports swimming in a private pool.

From £195.50 to £3,990.00

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Badu jet primavera

Speck badujet Primavera

The Badu Jet Primavera is a powerful counter current unit, providing a little luxury to your pool with under water massage, waves, and endless, no-lap swimming. Perfect for fitness training or relaxation, the Badu Primavera is suitable for any size pool.

From £70.00 to £5,990.00

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Jet swim 2000

Pahlen Jet Swim 2000

The Jet Swim 2000 is an exclusive counter current unit with many different settings.

From £53.47 to £3,253.00

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Silver Swim Jet Face plate and Pump

Badu Jet Vogue

An attractive stainless steel facia sets the Badu Jet Vogue apart from the other models in the Badu range. Larger suction delivers a bigger flow for a single jet counter current unit.

From £520.00 to £4,990.00

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Fluvo Xanas


XANAS is an award-winning counter current system that combines modern design with maximum operating comfort. It is characterised by a lower profile design with an intergrated suction.

From £864.00 to £6,534.00

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Certikin Counter Current Unit

Certikin Counter Current Unit

Discover a new way to enjoy your pool - and excercise at the same time! The Certikin Counter Current system is especially designed with small private pools in mind. 

From £398.00 to £1,330.00

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