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Standard AG skimmer

Above Ground Pool Skimmer Spare Parts and Jubilee Clips

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From £5.30 to £15.00

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Net to catch leaves in pool skimmer basket

Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets to fit above ground and inground Skimmers. Skim Nets

Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets for Certikin, Hayward, Plastica, Americana, Admiral, Hydrotools and standard above ground pool skimmers. These  help to catch leaves and large debris thus protecting the  life of your pump.

To catch small debris add a fine Skim net over the basket. These fit all kinds of skimmer baskets and are ideal for catching pet hairs.

Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor is the devise that allows you to connect the vacuum hose into the Certikin skimmer.

From £1.80 to £88.30

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Wide Angle Skimmer   Inlet

Wide & Standard Above Ground Pool Skimmer & Inlet

Easy to install above-ground skimmer. 

From £31.00 to £57.00

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Certikin Auto Top up

Automatic Water Leveller by Certikin

Automatically top up your pool  water level without supervision. A very useful addition that could  save you time and concerns if your water levels drop unexpectedly.


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Certikin Concrete Pool Skimmers

Top quality Skimmers for Concrete pool installation

From £42.95 to £192.95

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Certikin Wide Angle extension Liner skimmer

Certikin Liner Pool Skimmer

For In-ground Liner Pool Installation

From £5.50 to £189.95

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Hayward concrete main drain

Hayward Main Drains

For Concrete and Liner Pools

From £46.95 to £49.95

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Concrete Main drain

Certikin Main Drains

Main Drains for Concrete and Liner Pool Installation

From £10.50 to £57.20

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Concrete Vac Point

Certikin Concrete Vacuum Points

Swimming Pool Vacuum Points for manual or automatic vacuuming . Suitable for Concrete Pools.

From £11.95 to £149.95

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Certikin Skimmer Vacuum Adaptor  Kornea

Certikin Skimmer Vac Adaptor (Kornea)

The Certikin vacuum Kornea sits securely on top of your Certikin Skimmer Basket this tool helps to trap leaves and other debris in the basket whilst you are vacuuming.


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Concrete inlet

Certikin Concrete Inlet/Return

Swimming Pool Inlet/return fittings for Concrete pools.

From £11.95 to £24.95

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Liner Vac Point

Certikin Liner Vacuum Points

Swimming Pool Vacuum Points for manual or automatic vacuuming . Suitable for Liner Pools.

From £22.95 to £42.00

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Concrete suction & grille

Certikin Concrete Suction and Grille fitting

Extra suction point for concrete pools with safety grille.

From £11.50 to £24.95

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Liner suction and grille

Certikin Liner Suction and Grille Fitting

Extra suction point for Liner pools with safety grille.

From £19.95 to £38.70

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Fernox LS-X

Useful  jointing compound and leak sealer. Helps to stop those irritating leaks in threaded pipe work joints and around gaskets.


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Liner Inlet

Certikin Liner Inlet/Return

Swimming Pool Eyeball inlet/return fitting for Liner Pools.

From £16.95 to £38.70

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Flolux 1

Flolux Stainless Steel Pool & Spa Fittings

The patent-protected Flolux Range represents the full suite of visible wall fittings for a pool or spa and will offer discerning owners a superior, safe and affordable finish.

From £90.00 to £190.00

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