Aqua jet 50 counter current swim jet

Aquajet 50 and 100 Counter Current Units

The Aquajet 50 and Aquajet 100 are good quality inexpensive Counter Current Swim Jet Units and they are a simple retro fit option. The Aquajet 50 model is suitable for beginners and medium ability swimmers. The Aquajet 100 is suitable for the stronger swimmers.

Full Description

Aquajet 50 is a swim jet for the whole family and a gentle style of swimming exercise.

The Aquajet 50 can move up to 50m3/h 


This basic unit is all set and ready to go, it just requires electricity connecting. The units have LED lights in the jet surround making swimming at night a pleasurable experience. The lights and the control of the swim jets are accessible from the pool.

The swim jet is ready to install on in-ground pools complete with mounting brackets. If the swim jet is to be installed above ground then the optional extra stand needs to be purchased.

Installing a swim jet to your pool is now inexpensive and made simple with this retro fit unit.


The Aquajet 100 which can move up to 100m3/h  is better for the stronger swimmer.


Aquajet 50 counter current systemAquajet 50Aqua jet 50 counter current swim jet
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