Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Leisure operate a 'TRY BEFORE YOU BUY SCHEME' on most of our Dolphin Range of cleaners. Please call our Customer Service Department 01323 766600 if you are interested in this . Also, if you already own a Dolphin cleaner we have an excellent repair and service engineering department

3001C Diagnostic Cleaner

Automatic Dolphin Diagnostic 3001C Pool Cleaner

Highly advanced commercial pool cleaning from Dolphin cleaners

Dolphin electronic self diagnostic automatic pool cleaner for commercial pools up to 25 metres in length. Dolphin Leisure price Complete with Caddy and includes Vat

Dolphin have an engineer department for repairs of your exsisting Dolphin cleaner. Also a try before you buy service is available.

From £120.00 to £2,650.00

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Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro Commercial Pool Cleaner

Dolphin 2 x 2 Pro Gyro Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner

Put the power of two robots to work in your pool! 

This heavy-duty, fully automated cleaner with dual brushing action, dual high-capacity, ultra fine filtration systems and a sophistocated gyroscope will expertly clean the entire pool floor and walls with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Dolphin Leisure operates a 'Try Before You Buy'  scheme so that you can trial a machine prior to final purchase. Please send us an email for further details: 

Also send us an email if you would like to investigate repairs to your existing Dolphin cleaner. 

From £119.95 to £5,695.00

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Dolphin Wave 300XL

Dolphin Wave 300XL - Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 300XL is the perfect professional pool cleaner to meet the challenging requirements of the biggest and busiest pools. Suitable for pools 25m-60m in length, it cleans efficiently and thoroughly, leaving your pool free from algae and debris. 


From £13.80 to £9,500.00

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Robotic pool cleaner dolphin wave 100

Dolphin Wave 100 Pool Cleaner - c/w Wonder Brushes

Cleaning the pool floor, cove, walls, and scrubbing the waterline, the Wave 100 is a professional, non-compromising solution to meet the demands of daily commercial use.  Recommended for small to mid-size commercial pools up to 20-25m in length.

Now with 36 months warranty.

From £119.95 to £2,950.00

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Dolphin Wave 20 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 20 Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Wave 20 pool cleaner is ideal for small, shallow pools. Packing advanced robotics into a compact size, the Dolphin Wave 20 expertly cleans toddler and paddling pools with standard or beach entry, and decorative pools of any shape. This unique pool cleaner delivers efficient pool cleaning in commercial and public environments. 


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Dynamic pro x2

Dolphin Prox2 Commercial Cleaner C/W Wonder Brush

Gain heavy-duty cleaning performance with robust reliability, for long term, cost effective operation. Dolphin commercial robotic cleaners from Maytronics are the proven professional solution for any commercial pool - from small public pools to the largest professional and Olympic  pools - offering the best value for money.

From £119.95 to £2,950.00

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Dolphin WAve 200

Dolphin Wave 200 Commercial Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Wave 200 Commercial pool cleaner delivers long lasting reliability and the best wall to wall cleaning in its class. It's easy to use and easy to clean after use, offering efficiency and effectiveness regardless of shape or type of pool. 


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