Electric Swimming Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool cleaners give you time to relax and have fun in your pool without the hard work.

Tiger shark 2

Hayward Automatic Tiger Shark 2 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Hayward Tiger Shark 2 Commercial Robotic Cleaner is a Powerful Automatic Pool Cleaner for all sizes of pool up to 10m x 20m. It has a long cleaning cycle a 7 hour program.

Just place it in the pool and turn it on - relax let your Tiger Shark do the hard work.

From £152.16 to £1,850.00

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Aquavac300 picot

Aquavac 300 Robotic Cleaner

The Aquavac 300 Robotic Pool is robust and highly efficient, cleaning the bottom, walls and the water line.
Equipped with ASCL Logic (Microprocessor Control) that calculates the size and shape of your pool so that the remotest corners, wall and step can be thoroughly cleaned.

From £152.16 to £1,136.60

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