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BlueRebel Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Rise up and win the battle against the drudgery of challenging pool cleaning chores! Enlist the BlueRebel suction-side Inground Pool Cleaner for thorough cleaning coverage of pools with exposure to leaves, sand, and other hard-to-clean debris.

Full Description

The BlueRebel's programmed steering and compact, two-wheeled design maneuvers decisively around your pool, from deep to shallow bottoms, up walls to the water line, and into tight spaces that other cleaners miss. Its the only suction-side cleaner that can climb 90 degree floor-to-wall corners. With the low flow requirements of its extra-efficient turbine, the BlueRebel is ideal for use with variable-speed pumps at low speed. Installation is a snap - just set it and forget it. And with a sleek, modern design, the BlueRebel is a compliment to any pool environment.


- Programmed steering assures complete, thorough pool cleaning coverage.

- Low flow requirements make it ideal for use with variable speed pumps at low speed for super-efficient operation.

- Superior turbine design captures sand and debris with ease - avoids common clogging issues found in cleaners with self-adjusting turbine blades.

- Works well in tight corners and pools with 90 degree angles.

- Cleans to the tile line.

- Easy to install and maintain.

- Two wheel design for outstanding maneuverability in tight spaces.

- Roller skirt design with circular motion avoids hang-ups, keeping BlueRebel on the go for continuous cleaning.

- Snap open design allows quick, easy access for servicing.

The BlueRebel Suction-side Inground Pool Cleaner packs amazing performance into a compact, easy-to-use package. Its preprogrammed steering and two-wheel configuration allows the BlueRebel to turn on a dime and access hard-to-reach sand and debris. The BlueRebel's efficient design provides excellent mobility and cleaning even at low flow rates. Plus, the superior engineering of its turbine and roller skirt assure thorough debris removal and cleaning coverage that other cleaners simply cannot match.

- Programmed steering assures complete, thorough cleaning coverage.

- Compact: easy to handle and high maneuverability.

- Excellent performance with variable speed pumps at low flow rates for super-efficient operation.

- Superior cleaning performance in tile and vinyl pool.


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